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Since March 2014 i have been running Geek Labs, my digital engagement agency. Now at beginning as with any startup i was a jack of all trades mostly because it was just me. Although i though that things were tough when i first started out, in hindsight were going actually perfectly for a moment in time i had the best customer service, the best salesman, the best digital marketing specialist and the best website developer, ME! and the reason for that was threefold.

First reason and most obvious of all because it was my business and so i was giving it everything i got, need to work for 2 days straight no problem! Need to go across the city for a meeting, hey i probably got even some work done on the bus nothing was too much or too big for my baby. Add to that the excitement of finally quitting your 9 to 5 and the thrill of working on your own and burning the midnight oil has never been sweeter!

Second reason was i have been doing these jobs throughout the most career and so i had real life actual experience with some multinationals and fortune 500 companies, back in the early 2000s you weren’t a web developer, you were a internet guy which basically someone who did anything and everything online and probably fix some PCs along the way (90s dudes will relate to this). And third and most important of all i was trying to build something, a brand, something that people could rely on.

And for the part i have achieved this for the first few month , until the work load started to increase and soon i hired my first employee and my second, and my third and my 11th. And i was living the dream but one thing always bothered me. You see at the time i everywhere i went online i found people talking about living the Digital Nomad dream, outsourcing the whole thing and live on a tropical paradise. In all fairness this is not what i wanted, well not the tropical paradise part, i wanted to start other businesses and diversify. And through a business relationship of mine i found the perfect business investment opportunity , an company being sold way undervalue because the owner was attending to the business and the company got deep into debt ( a mistake i was about to repeat myself in couple of month!!). So i bought the business and bought in a General Manager to manage Geek Labs. And this is when things started to go really sour. Now let me explain a little a bit where i screwed up


and i’m proud to say that i have achieved most of the things i have set out to achieve but the one thing that has alluded me is successfully outsourcing the technical side of the business

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