Have you ever seen those guys who brag about much they pull in from LinkedIn. Or ever wondered if the ton of spam messages you receive from your ”’connections” ever converts into sales. If you do then, you’re at the right place cause I’m going to give you the exact LinkedIn marketing blueprint. This can get you thousands of clicks to your website without costing you nothing at all (instead of those expensive LinkedIn Ads).

So fasten your seat-belt and get ready if you’re ready to takeover LinkedIn!

How do I make money by marketing on LinkedIn?

So before jumping into how to master the art of LinkedIn, you need to know all the ways you can earn from LinkedIn.

There are 2 avenues for you. The first one is connecting with LinkedIn users and selling your or your client’s products to them. In the second one, you’ll make your own products and sell them to people.

Seems pretty straight forward but you’ll need to know who your selling to which is businesses or people who are on the site to do business. There is nothing stopping you from trying to sell teddy bears, but Digital Products and Business Services work best with LinkedIn users.

There are many kinds of products that could be sold through LinkedIn. The cost of marketing with LinkedIn Ads is comparatively high tho, so you should sell stuff that can cover your costs.

If your monthly total cost is 1000$ and one of your sales generate a profit of 10$, then you need to have made 100 sales in total.

The more expensive your product is, the longer the sales cycle is going to be.

Use LinkedIn only as a means to establish the initial connection.

How to make a LinkedIn profile that stands out

So in a nutshell we connect with people on LinkedIn and send them different variations of proposals at first. The actual sale gets revealed later.

How to make a great LinkedIn profile

So first things first we, need to create an account that is credible, and to do that you need to position yourself as an authority and also make your profile look neat.

1. Have a tagline that follows the formula, “<position> @/at <current company> | <reason for connecting>”

2. Have a professional photo.

3. Every Job Position must be well described with information.

4. Have a logical date and time for every job.

5. Add education.

6. Add relevant skills.

7. Get recommendations for social proof (Reach out to friends if you have no previous clients or colleagues).

8. Add any special projects, KPIs or anything extra ordinary that you have done.

Make sure to raise your amount of connections to 500+, so you can add this to your tag line!

60 day LinkedIn premium (for free!)

So once you sign up you will be given a free 30 days trial to use LinkedIn premium, which is super useful for us, it allows better search, much higher sending limits and other goodies.

Make note of the day the trial ends and cancel it the day before it, so your not charged. After a couple of weeks you will receive another notification giving another 30 days. And this is how you get 60 Days.

How to make connections on LinkedIn

So know that you have a good looking profile and your audience is pinned down, its time to start connecting with potential customers.

When trying to connect with someone on LinkedIn, you have to give them a reason to want to connect you, LinkedIn makes sure of that by sometimes asking you to put in their e-mail address. You can get around this by using the LinkedIn mobile version/App.

Lets say you get the LinkedIn invitation Restriction. What now?

Reasons for getting LinkedIn account restricted:

1.    If you had sent too many requests.

2.    You had sent the requests a bit too fast.

3.    You had many requests that were pending.

4.    Many people didn’t accept your request.

5.    Lots of people said they don’t know you.


The punishment is that you are asked to type the person’s e-mail ID so that LinkedIn can verify if you know the person or not.

How long does a LinkedIn restriction last?

If it happened for the first time then for a few hours but if it’d not the first time it’ll stay for a few days.

And a paid subscription also doesn’t prevent this.

Now if you remove all the requests that you had sent, it won’t change a lot.

If you ask for HUMAN help, they’ll clearly state that they cannot help you regarding lifting any sort of restriction. But it’s not true. They really can!

Visit ‘LinkedIn Login or signup’

Scroll down and you’ll find ‘Chat with us (online)’

Then tell them that about your restriction and you need it removed for some business purpose. They will forward your request to a supervisor. It’ll probably take less than an hour and your restriction will be removed.

Now that we covered some basics, let’s get the connections coming in! Start by simply typing your target audience Niche + Job Title for example. Have a look at the profile and make sure they match your ideal client, also take note of any details that you can use to personalize your message later on.

You can also sync all your contacts from you email

Secrets of reaching people on LinkedIn, The Message

Opportunity and authority are the main things that you want here. Position yourself as an opportunity to get attention, and then work as an authority to get things done for you.

Usually, people don’t like a salesman, so this is the reason why you want LinkedIn users to think that this is an opportunity and then flip your cards.

Find out your target audience at first. For example, for recruiters- business owners, HR managers, etc.

Now figure out what are things that would sound like an opportunity to these targeted users. For example, the recruiter might want a tool that runs background checks or make finding potential candidates on LinkedIn easier

After sending the connection requests, keep track if they have accepted our invite. Once they do its time to send the messages.

Message crafting:

  • Use simple subjects such as ‘hi/hello.’
  • Make it personal and state the reason for connecting.
  • Says Thanks for accepting the connection request.
  • Dont sell anything now.

Wait for 3 days to see if they respond, you want things to appear as organic as possible. People are more likely to respond to a friendly chat than a salesly one. And you have better chances at closing if they respond to the initial chat!

Once they do hit them with the sales pitch, if they don’t send them another message after the 3 days have passed. If they still don’t respond to the next one

Multiple Accounts – Boosted Results

There are several legit reasons why you might need multiple accounts

  1. To increase your reach, there is a message sending limit of 30 per day goes to reason the more accounts you have the more you can send.
  2. You’re not willing to use your personal one and want one for just reaching out to people.
  3. Your managing multiple client accounts

The most important thing to note here is that they need to be undetected by the browser fingerprinting system, ie they can’t be linked or they will get banned as your not allowed to own multiple accounts as per LinkedIn TOS. unlike Facebook and many other platforms, LinkedIn still hasn’t figured this one out yet. Till they do here is what you need to stay safe and do this:

1. Hide IP behind a proxy.

While you’re managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, make sure you assign one proxy to one account because LinkedIn is very strict about the accounts accessed from data center IP addresses. So, use 1 proxy for 1 account.

2. Use aged or phone verified accounts for LinkedIn marketing:

You can buy accounts that are several years old. A quick google search should help you out there. Usually, aged accounts are not banned easily.  An account that is 2/3 years old works pretty well. It might cost around 3-5$ each account, depending on the number of accounts purchased at a time.

3. Registration

For registration, the best e-mail providers are G-mail, Yahoo, Outlook, Mail.ru, and Gmx. Create a separate email for every account.

4. Find a good profile picture:

Using same picture for different account is on of the main reasons to get restricted on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will recognize if you use a picture that had been previously uploaded on the site. So just download the picture, use Photoshop, and flip it horizontally. Simple! You can use the picture now!

5. 60 day LinkedIn premium (for free!):

You won’t have to use your actual debit or credit card to make a perfect LinkedIn account. Visit Entropay and register an account there, then verify the account and now you’ll be able to create a lot of virtual credit cards. Deposit a minimum of $1 and use them to activate Premium subscriptions. So when LinkedIn will want to charge you, you won’t have enough funds. It will continue trying to do so for about 60 days, which is 30 additional days along with the 30-day free trial!

6. Multi-Account tool:

To bypass fingerprinting mechanisms of LinkedIn, it’s very important to use a Multi-Account tool. You can also use it to do repetitive tasks.

That’s all for today!

Feel free to reach out with questions, i answer all comments and questions!

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