Ongoing Case Study – How to Grow your Instagram by 100,000 Followers From 0 in 2020 – March 2020 Update
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PS. This is an ongoing case study links to other new published articles will be added here for your convince:

When starting out, i was always thinking if there was a method out there i wasn’t using, Maybe the experts the big know something that i don’t. Even if read an article or case study i knew not everything would on it. Maybe the ”Secret Sauce” was kept in the minds of those who know and off the interwebs. Fast forward a few years and let me tell there is no secret sauce here is how everyone or anyone is growing their accounts all the methods out there and ill apply them real life in this case study, ill even real the account and you can check up on it and follow it as this case study progresses!   

Methods of Growing Instagram in 2020

I would have loved to included automation methods in this post. But after the August 2019 Update, automation is extremely difficult, Now you’ll hear people tell its dead, this is simply not true, nothing ever really dies in Internet marketing you just have to find a way around. Im currently overwhelmed with expansion projects and current clients so i dont have teh time to experiment with automation, but i most definetly will during the next few weeks, if this is something you would like to read about i willbe writing a detailed how to guide on this topic, so do leave your email address below and i will send an email as soon as its published. (No spam, pinkie promise!)

Manual Follow/Unfollow

So this where you going to start the easiest and best way to start growth and cornerstone of any of your plans. 

This method is best for:

  1. Accounts with zero followers
  2. Bringing back dead (inactive accounts) accounts
  3. Accounts with less than 20,000 Followers
  4. Getting extremely targeted followers (This level of accuracy is not possible with any other method as you will see) 

Expected Monthly Growth: 1000 – 4000 Followers

So as the name suggests will be following targeted users in the hopes that they will follow us back. After a while we will unfollow them. So for the purposes of this study we will be using 4 accounts for 2 reasons. From experience these accounts will cover any type of account you might encounter. And the second is that i want to see the varying results on different types of accounts so you can understand that the method can yield different results on different niches and accounts.

So the accounts we will be using are:

  1. Handle: @geeklabsagency
    Starting Followers: 35
    Type: Business 
    What self respecting agency that wants so sell social media services has no social presence. Even if you get you sales via other means, your clients will check your socials and having a strong presence even for just a branding standpoint will greatly benefit you. Now i included this account because you might have or come across a client that has business or purely corporate account, these can be tough to grow. But i got you!
  2. Handle: @tacotubesofficial
    Starting Followers: 
    Type: E-commerce Store
    I don’t need to go into the marketing or sales benefit of having a good Instagram account if your in the e-commerce business. This is why i included this type of account. This a free method of growth that wont cost you a dime, and i get a lot of people messaging about ways to gets sales with their store if they have no budget.
  3. Handle: @theashshow
    Starting Followers: 53
    Type: Influencer
    Third type of account is influencer or
     personal account. This a pain point for alot people starting out. This for the average Joe who wants to grow their account to get some extra money or get on your to become an influencer. This account is for my YouTube Show, which you should catch.
  4. Handle: @mandalorianfansofficial
    Starting Followers: 803
    Type: Theme Page 
    So a theme page also known as niche page or other weird names i don’t know, but basically they are pages follow a particular theme so nature, fashion etc.. I’m pretty sure you have seen alot these. When grown these can be very lucrative and used for growing other pages as well which we will discuss later on in this study. This is one of my page, why the mandalorian, if you have to ask why then stop reading and leave please, its an awesome show, how dare you!!!

The Process

So before we start we need a few things.

First thing is first content, we need 9 nice pieces of content to start with. Why? So when people visit your account they would find nice filled out profile. If you need help creating content check out this article i wrote on how to create a years worth of content in a day.

Second thing before we start is we need to make sure your profile and bio are on point. Now you don’t anything fancy but a nice themed profile picture in the same color theme as your posts will make the account flow nicely. Add a few lines in your bio, i like to have the first line something related to the account, and the second line as a call to action. Don’t get to hung on this part if it takes you more than 10 minutes your spending too much time on it. If have seen people having the account on private or asking to follow other accounts to gain access to the account, these tactics are spammy and people know that. And even there is an extra gain of a few followers at best, its not worth the damage in brand reputation.

Third and last we will need is follow sources that simply means we will find account that fit our target audience. So if we are looking for an audience interested in the Mandalorian show. We will use The Mandalorian official account. Etc… If your having trouble finding good sources comment below or better yet join our Facebook group and ill send some your way! 

Now that we are ready the plan is super easy and will take you no more than 15-20 minutes of your day combined.

  1. Open up one of your follow source accounts and go to the followers tab. Start following 50 accounts that match your criteria, so if want a US audience then follow only Americans, you will know by the username. You already know they have the interest you want. And as for the age you can judge by the profile picture. Now since these are only people who will follow you can see know what i meant by its the most targeted method out there. Even when this was done by automation a bot would never be able to truly tell profiles apart.
  2. You will be doing this in batches to make sure your account is safe and you don’t get a temp ban. 150-200 spread throughout the day 50-70 per batch, 3-4 per day. You can do this on the bus, on your way to work, will having lunch. A batch will take you less than 5 minutes. 
  3. We will do this until the accounts get to 2000 to 4000 followers. Why at this point the account will start growing by themselves and we will move on the to another method later on in the study.
  4. Every 1000 followers or so you do can an unfollow run, or you can wait till the account reached the self growth level and then unfollow. If your worried about losing followers don’t. Most of them understand that you are not following them for personal reason but to gain their attention. Its a common tactic and out of every 1000 unfollowed you might lose 20-30 worst case scenario.
  5. During this time you may post if you wish, if you don’t you wont experience different results but ideally you want to post 3 times a week during this period.

Thats pretty much it, thats the whole process. Follow these steps and you will get followers from day 1, thats the beauty of this method.

So as i said this a live case study so we will be doing this together, once the accounts get to the level where they are self growing ill post the results along with next method, it will actually surprise you!

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