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If you have no idea what I’m talking about or to go from the start go here.

I have done it finally!!!!!!! Phase 1 over and successfully too I might add, it was not as hard as I expected and I learned a lot during the last 2 weeks but some things weren’t as successful not that they don’t work but they weren’t as straightforward. Just to imagine 4 weeks ago I was just living day in, day out versus me now with a goal and a plan which is in itself motivational. If you’re new to my Journey I’m wrapping up phase 1 here and laying out the updated plan for phase 2 which ends 31/12/2018! Enough talking and let’s dive in.

What I did In Phase 1

I can easily describe phase 1 as the moment where you’re scared to jump in the pool cause when you touched the water with your toes it was cold but once just close your eyes and jump in you realize it was not that bad, matter of fact it was nothing really and all in your head. While this is true of most things in life, this is what 90% of the people who want to start their business journey feel, they saw a method where people are making tons of money online, everyone left and right so they decide one day, I want in, they try it for a week, fail and quit. If your reading this your probably in the same boat. This why I made this journey, in all honesty, I didn’t even need the £100, the website helped in getting me clients but guess what since week 2 my services page wasn’t even working and I couldn’t find the time to fix it so there you go, if your wondering if you need a website to get clients the answer based on this is NO.

Let’s get more analytical and go over phase 1 by numbers and achievements and I will leave my analysis for each at the end of each section.


Proof of my pool analogy, the first 3 weeks of bidding got me a grand total of 0 Jobs, while I didn’t bid much mind you because I was on the free plan, but I was cherry picking jobs that I know had a good chance of getting awarded, Jobs with low number of bids, bidders with almost no reviews, low quality proposals, clients with high number of reviews (if want me to make a video about i pick clients that pay $1000+ jobs, leave a comment below and I will get right on it)  and yet nada, but I stuck to it, and although most of the comments I got from you guys were that unless you have an old account with tons of reviews freelancing sites are dead, I stuck with it, I made money with it before, I’m seeing new freelancers popping up all the time and I actually stalk them and see them getting new jobs/reviews so I know for a fact its possible. My hypothesis of the situation was, of course, the zero reviews situation and my stubbornness of refusing to lower my prices (never get paid less than what you know you’re worth) wasn’t helping me. And so my solution for this was to get more reviews on the account by asking my current clients to run all the jobs through freelancer by week 3, by week 4 got my first job! So will be focusing on getting more reviews this phase.

This is where i got the majority of my revenue for this phase, my take from here is to keep your bids sweet, short and to the point and invest time in the forum first and build a name for yourself as much as possible first before bidding on any kind job. If you want to see the exact template i used to make around £5000k  in revenue you can find it on our Facebook Group, free offcourse. Unfortunately, i have priced out any kind of possible job at BHW with my new prices so i won’t be using much for Phase 2 as you need to progress and not get attached to methods that don’t fit your needs when you scale even if they were profitable before.

Reddit Bids

Not really working for me till the end of week four is a recurring theme throughout this journey, the more aged the account is and the more social proof you have where its reviews or in this karma, your odds drastically improve in landing jobs. Which is something i wouldn’t want to change, to be honest as this as acts as filter that removes all freelancers or agency that are just interested in making a quick buck and not providing quality. What i did is i started sharing my journey on these subreddits and next day i got my first 2 responses to my bids, so next phase i will continue doing the same.

LinkedIn DMs

I haven’t been a 100% focused on LinkedIn this phase but this has always a very promising method and ill be concentrating on it way more during the next phase. Not much to say about it now as i didn’t really give it a fair shot yet.



I have been using BHW since around 3 years and i always tried to contribute whenever i could, so this is nothing new to me but reddit is a new horse for me completely, although it has been very popular recently i never got around to use it either personally or for business. I will be focusing on providing more quality helpful posts during the next phase which is exactly what i have been doing throughout this phase, the results that i have been seeing in terms of more Job bids converting and subscriptions to my channels and more, has been fantastic, my take on BHW is simple and is the same for Reddit if you can provide quality posts that have not been shared before (and this is a must or the community will turn on you QUICKLY) then both BHW and Reddit are gold mines.

Social Media

Much like LinkedIn DMing this too has fallen to the sideways due to the workload but I do have some very creative ideas to utilize my pages and accounts on Social media to generate inbound leads which turns great as this will the main focus of the next phase. I know a lot of people think that it not possible for example to get clients for a Social Media Agency by having an Instagram account, or that Facebook pages are dead, which both statements, for the most part, are true, but i believe we just some creativity to push through that barrier, stay tuned next week to see some of my ideas in action and more on that!

Base Building

Geek Labs/Fashion Store/Rugged Traveller

I started this Journey with the intent of having just 2 sites to focus on but it has been always a dream of mine to build and manage an Adsense content based website and this is why Rugged Traveller was introduced to this journey, i figured if there was ever a time it would be now! It’s a viral/entertainment website so making content for it will be a fun break from the niches I’m currently in.

As for Geek Labs & the fashion store they have been updated and fixed to the max and i won’t be changing anything in them in phase 2 but since i started scaling with the new shift in my plans I’m pretty sure a makeover will be must for all sites at the start of phase 3. I can already see that it’s needed but i will be waiting out till the end of the next phase to gather more data and see what really becomes necessary.

Shopify Stores

Another sudden addition not included in the original plan i set out. To utilize a bunch of domains i had lying around gathering dust, i built 6 Shopify stores around them, with the intention of selling them off as ready-for-marketing stores. And the plan worked for the most part and i ended up selling one of them in Week 4 for $500. Since they are longer in my price bracket for sites which starts now at $5000 and I’m sure i won’t be able to find people who would buy them for that price at the current marketplaces, I’m gonna keep them actually. i won’t start marketing them or anything but they general stores in evergreen niches so if the fashion stores pick up, and I’m going to gradually include them in this journey.


I have listed all the assets that i started building and where i have got to them and linked to them all as proof of numbers listed

  • Geek Labs Agency Website – 1211 Pageviews
  • Rugged Traveller Website – 0 Pageviews
  • Fashion Store Website – 0 Pageviews
  • The Ash Show YouTube Channel –  10 Subs/ 43 Views
  • The Ash Show Arabic YouTube Channel6594 Subs / 216,222 Views
  • Rugged Traveler YouTube Channel – 0 Subs / 0 Views
  • Geek Labs Agency Facebook Page –  1 Like
  • Rugged Traveler Facebook Page – 1 like
  • Fashion Store Facebook Page –  1 Like
  • The Ash Show Facebook Page –  1 Like
  • The Ash Show Arabic Facebook Page – 6683 Likes
  • The Ash Show Facebook Group4 Members
  • Geek Labs Agency LinkedIn Page – 3 Followers
  • Fashion Store Instagram Account – 27 Followers
  • The Ash Show Instagram Account – 70 Followers
  • The Ash Show Arabic Instagram Account – 1,546 followers
  • Rugged Traveler Pinterest Page0 followers
  • Fashion Store Pinterest Page – 25 Followers
  • Shopify Stores –
  • Reddit Account – 24 Karma
  • Blackhatworld Account – 62 Likes
  • Account – 2 Reviews
  • Account – 0 Reviews



Start £100

Week 1  Revenue this week was £666 and Expenses were £280

Week 2 Revenue this week was £922 and Expenses were £722.89

Week 3 Revenue this week was £1041.81 and Expenses were £1295.42

Week 4 Revenue this week was £1325.71 and Expenses were £699.24

Profits £1053

Thoughts …

This Phase has been more fun than it has been challenging, i had to pull 16hr workdays with Sundays kind of off, but I really learned a lot, made around £3500, increased my assets considerably and have been the most motivated that i have ever been to see something through.

Phase 2 Plan

So as I outlined before in week#1 article the plan in this stage is 3 fold. First, start utilizing all the methods that were first outlined, while removing the methods that don’t work, either because they are not working out or they have been priced out by the new price increase. Secondly is outsourcing and/or automating all the methods so that I get freed up to scale the businesses as much as I can. And last but not least is getting to my goal of £30,000 for this phase.

My New Prices for this Phases

Marketing Starting from $1000/month, minimum budget (where applicable) $1000/Month

Website/App Development starting from $5000

Let’s see what we have to do this phase, how, and when.


In this part, I discuss what I do to get clients by reaching out to them, I already have been doing this the last phase but I will be adding a couple of methods and outsource the whole thing from the get-go.

  • Telesales

    The plan here is to make this task objective oriented rather than target-oriented which tends to be an unclear KPI in most telesales jobs, so what I would be doing is asking call transfers after the qualified the leads instead of asking the agent to close the sale, that part I will be handling it myself. I will also be using the agent to contact agencies that are interested in white label services and again he/she will transfer the call after qualifying them.

    • Outsource via Upwork/Outbounder/Freelancer to Telesales Agent
    • Cost 10$ per transfer
    • Need to prepare
      • Script (one for customers, and one for agencies)
      • Leads
      • Phone Number/Plan for US/UK with tracking/call recording software
    • Start Immediately
    • Target 5 Qualified Transfers per day
  • Bidding

    • Outsource via Upwork to Poster Agent
    • Cost 300$ per Month
    • Tasks
      • Freelancer
      • Upwork
      • PPH
      • Reddit Bids
    • Need to prepare
      • Get Reviews for the account
      • Create Accounts for Upwork & PPH
      • Complete all account profiles and verify them
      • Templates/Guideline for Poster
    • Start After getting 10 Reviews per account
    • Target 10 Bids per account/day/6 days per week

Marketing/Inbound Leads

  • Facebook Ads

    • Outsource via Upwork
    • Cost 300$ per Month
    • Tasks
      • Manage Own Ads
      • Manage Clients Ads
    • Need to prepare
      • FB Ads Blueprint which is Simplified Step by Step guide that I made on how I run ads, I’m trying to eliminate the skill or thinking part aspect of the job as much as I can
    • Start Once I have $1000 ready for my own ads
    • Target Keep testing till I get 3-5 ROI on ads
  • Google Ads

    • Outsource via Upwork
    • Cost 300$ per Month
    • Tasks
      • Manage Own Ads
      • Manage Clients Ads
    • Need to prepare
      • Google Ads Blueprint which is Simplified Step by Step guide that I made on how I run ads, I’m trying to eliminate the skill or thinking the part aspect of the job as much as I can
    • Start Once I have $1000 ready for my own ads
    • Target Keep testing till I get 3-5 ROI on ads
  • YouTube

    • Outsource via Upwork to Video Editor
    • Tasks
      • 4 Ash Show Videos/Week
      •  14 Rugged Traveler Videos/Week
    • Cost 500$ per Month
    • Need to prepare
      • Scripts
    • Start Immediately
  • SEO

    • Outsource via buying services from BHW, simply there are various services available on blackhatworld that I can use for my benefit since, after onsite optimization, all we need for offsite SEO is linkbuilding so I use a few select reputable sellers on there for buying links
    • Tasks
      • Onsite SEO
      • Offsite SEO
    • Cost Depends on KW Difficulty
    • Need to prepare
      • KWs research
    • Start Immediately
    • Target Rank 5 keywords on 1st Page of Google
  • Content Marketing

    • Outsource via Upwork/BHW/iwrite to the Content editor
    • Tasks
      • Social Media Posts – 36 Posts/Week
      • Articles – 14/Week
    • Cost 5$/100 words
    • Start Immediately
  • BHW Sales Threads

    • Cost 30$/Year/Thread
    • Need to prepare
      • Service Structure
      • Sales Thread
    • Start Immediately
  • Display Ads

    • Need to prepare
      • Ad images
      • Landing pages
    • Start When I have $1000 saved up just for this service
    • Target Keep testing till I get 3-5 ROI on ads

Other Stuff that will be automated/outsourced 

  • Marketing

    • Instagram Growth 
      • Automate via the bot
      • Accounts Running 2
      • Campaign
        • Fashion Store
        • Rugged Traveler
        • Ash Show
        • Ash Show Arabic
    • Pinterest Growth
      • Automate via the bot
      • Accounts Running 2
      • Campaign
        • Fashion Store
        • Rugged Traveler
    • LinkedIn Growth
      • Automate via the bot
      • Accounts Running 2
      • Campaign
        • Connect to potential leads
        • Send Inmails to potential leads
        • Send Inmails to agencies to join the Whitelabel Program
        • Send Inmails about Ash Show Arabic Videos
        • Send Inmails about Ash Show Videos/Articles
    • Facebook Group Posting  
      • Automate via the bot
      • Accounts running 10
      • Campaign
        • Ash Show Videos
        • Ash Show Arabic Videos
        • Rugged Traveller Videos
        • Join Geek Labs as an Affiliate
    • Forum Posting
      • Automate via the bot
      • Campaign
        • POD Designs
        • Any other designs needed
      • Target 50 POD Designs
  • Website Development

    • Outsource via Upwork to Ads Manager, since I increased my prices for websites to start from $5000, I can now comfortably outsource the website creation to high-quality developers via upwork, when I first start I charged around $300-$500 for a website and when I tried outsourcing I was having trouble finding quality developers to work for the amount that I outsourced to, so this time I will have loads of options and I will be posting jobs as they come so I don’t have recurring costs, also ill  be testing different the contractors first by giving them small jobs from my own sites first
    • Start Immediately
  • Designs

    • Outsource via Upwork/99designs
    • Tasks
      • POD Designs
      • Any other designs needed
    • Cost 50$/Design
    • Need to prepare
      • Design research and ideas
    • Start Immediately
    • Target 50 POD Designs
  • Customer Support/Upselling

    • Outsource via Upwork
    • Tasks
      • Handle Existing Customers queries and update them regularly on their current project progress
      • When relevant upsell new services to existing customers
      • Be the link between customer and contractors handling the project
      • Answer all questions and queries via email, phone, social media, Skype, and live chat
    • Cost 500$/Month
    • Need to prepare
      • Guidelines for operation
    • Start When I get 5 clients with my NEW pricing

Methods that have been eliminated

  • Blackhatworld Bids This may come as a bit of a shock as almost all of my income last month was from BHW but the issue here is that i seem to have priced out all potential customers with my new prices and so i won’t be focusing on it anymore, i will still be using the site for other stuff so i happen to stumble upon a job that within my new price bracket i will still be bidding on it.


  • Merch by Amazon/Redbubble/Etsy/eBay i have thought about these marketplaces for selling my POD designs alot and the more i do the more i find it pointless, I’m building a brand here and listing my products on there doesn’t give me access to my customers data, I’m selling with their brand, not mine, and combined with razor thin margins and high competition the only to play this game is the numbers game, and as i said from the start I’m more focused on quality rather quantity so I won’t be using for these methods anymore.


  • Geek Labs Agency Website – 10,000 Pageviews/Month
  • Rugged Traveler Website – 15,000 Pageviews/Month
  • Fashion Store Website – 10,000 Pageviews/Month
  • The Ash Show YouTube Channel – 1000 Subs/50,000 Views
  • The Ash Show Arabic YouTube Channel – 10,000 Subs/500,000 Views
  • Rugged Traveler YouTube Channel – 1000 Subs/50,000 Views
  • Geek Labs Agency Facebook Page – 100 Likes
  • Rugged Traveler Facebook Page – 100 Likes
  • Fashion Store Facebook Page – 100 Likes
  • The Ash Show Facebook Page – 100 Likes
  • The Ash Show Arabic Facebook Page – 100 Likes
  • The Ash Show Facebook Group – 500 Members
  • The Ash Show Arabic Facebook Group – 500 Members
  • Geek Labs Agency LinkedIn Page – 100 Likes
  • Geek Labs Agency LinkedIn Account – 500 Connections
  • Geek Labs Agency Instagram Account – 1000 Followers
  • Rugged Traveler Instagram Account – 1000 Followers
  • Fashion Store Instagram Account – 1000 Followers
  • The Ash Show Instagram Account – 1000 Followers
  • The Ash Show Arabic Instagram Account – 3500 Followers
  • Rugged Traveler Pinterest Page – 500 Followers
  • Fashion Store Pinterest Page – 500 Followers
  • Reddit Account – 500 Karma
  • Blackhatworld Account – 150 Likes
  • Freelancer Account – 10 Reviews
  • Upwork Account – 10 Reviews
  • PeoplePerHour Account – 10 Reviews

Where the journey is at now

Tune next week to see the weekly breakdown of every week in its new format!

I have made as of now £1054.21 of my £30,000 profit goal for Phase 2.

Time remaining for this Phase, 45 days out of  46 days (31st of December 2018)

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, my plan in full for this week, phase 2 and the results of phase 1, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have, leave a comment with any question you have or you think there is anything I should include or any constructive criticism you have is more than welcome.

Join my Facebook group where we get together and discuss everything related to this journey and others as well, and also ill be leaving some free goodies pinned in the first post as a welcome package for our new members.

Follow the rest of my journey in video on my YouTube channel The Ash Show if you’re not a fan of reading


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