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Full For my full plan go here.

The second week of this journey is officially over and so far so good. I’m still earning well into the second week and getting new clients, some channels are not performing as expected and i think i figured out why, while one is overperforming, ok so enough blabbing too much ill get right into the nitty gritty!

What I did Week 2

Sales Channels

(Methods explanations in this episode of The Ash Show)

Upwork 14 Bids, 1 response, 0 Jobs – Still nothing much from here and the only response i got, i nearly landed the job but client got my info and canceled the whole project for now, i think no reviews and my higher prices are a bad combination for this platform, I’m not changing my prices so the best way to do this is, that asked my clients and friends to do jobs via upwork to gain more reviews, will start this from next week!

Blackhatworld 21 Bids, 10 responses, 4 Jobs – So far my main and only source of income for this journey, i  already bid on all available jobs so i cant scale this further as there are no more jobs.  Will steady the course for this one.

Freelancer 4 Bids, 1 response, 0 Jobs – bids ran out, will get pro plan next week and also use the reviews tactic from upwork for this, Pro plan will also allow me to bid on recruiter jobs instead of just waiting for them.

Reddit Threads created 4, 0 responses, 0 jobs – This is my first time trying reddit, but i guessing i need more karma for this method, also i can’t really advertise on most (major) subreddits as off now. Will continue with this as its still unclear whether this method works or not and will post more quality posts to gain karma.

Reddit 4 Bids, 0 responses, 0 Jobs – Same issue with the method above

LinkedIn Inmails sent 0, 0 responses, 0 jobs – Nothing done on LinkedIn this week, will start from the next week too much work this one.

New LinkedIn Connections 0 connections



  • £428.44 (560$) hourly @20$/hr ongoing hourly development job from last week
  • £151.36 Facebook Ads monthly client
  • £114.76 ($150) Forum posting for the social media client from last week
  • £229.52 ($300) Facebook Ads client starting on the 19th



  1. Business subscriptions £8.89
  2. Personal subscriptions  £14.5
  3. Food and other £120.51
  4. Date £56.5 – yes I’m human i do that 😛
  5. Personal Expense (mentioned in week #0) £523 – out of the original 2340



Social Media Managment

Im yet to start the social media posting, and the reasoning for that is i got a bit busy with the recent influx of work and i was adjusting to it, will start regularly next week.

The Ash show

  • Facebook Group – 0 posts per day
  • Facebook Page – 0 posts per day
  • Instagram – 0 posts per day
  • Twitter – 0 tweets per day

Fashion Store

  • Facebook Page – 0 posts per day
  • Instagram – 0 posts per day
  • Pinterest – 0 pins per day


Started Affiliate Marketing

  • Fix program – I’m yet to do this will wrap it up next week
  • Find Affiliates – I have chosen to start with Shopify, Bluehost, and Clickfunnels




  • Started a Journey Thread on BHW i added links to this journey & my services to my signature, that with me posting, in general, will help spread them.
  • Added the Journey to Reddit
  • Made 16 Posts on BHW and gained 5 likes
  • Made 11 Posts on Reddit and gained 6 Karma Points


Shopify Premade Store

Finished 1 Shopify website,, a store in the tech niche, you have a look at it here, I researched the products and customized a nice premium theme, and designed an FB page with all the assets for it as well. I then listed it on Exchange. I just finished it today so not much report on here, but will keep you updated next week on what happens.

Last week store remains unlisted, will list next week when 3 stores are ready.


The Ash Show Channels

I finished 2 Videos for The Ash Show Arabic and 2 Videos for The Ash Show.


Week 3 Plan

So by this week, i went through all the channels and i won’t be dropping anything so far, ill be adding a couple of new ideas and start working on the fashion store, but pretty much from here on till 15th (end of phase 1) nothing much will change plan wise.

Shopify Premade Store, this is the domain for this week, it will be a fitness store.


The Ash Show Channels

I’ll be finishing 4 Videos for The Ash Show Arabic and 4 Videos for The Ash Show. i decided to up them from 2 as i changed the format to be one journey update and one method video, for the personal journey and business one as well.


Marketing/Social Media/Sales channels

Remains the same as last week, for targets and numbers check week#2


Fashion Store Tune-up


I’m Planning to make these changes this week to the site, so far it has all the basics, so its time to add some bells and whistles

  • Add pricing for different countries
  • email capture lead funnel page with a giveaway
  • add shipping times table from Printful
  • Adjust shipping rates
  • Optimize sales page for conversions
  • add proper categories and finish pages
  • make sure payments work and test it
  • fix collections section

Adding to that ill be creating 10 t-shirt designs


New Adsense site and youtube channel!!!

After loads of research, because this has been on my mind for a very long time i will be creating a new website and youtube channel to bring up the total of my channels and sites to 3 respectively, watch this week episode to find out more about this exciting turn of events!!


Where the journey is at now

So last week ended with £450.63, Revenue this week was £922 and Expenses were £722.89.

I have made as of now £680.05 of my £1000 profit goal for Phase 1.

Time remaining for this Phase, 14 days out of  28 days (15th of November 2018)

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, my plan in full for this week and the results of week 2, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have, leave a comment with any question you have or you think there is anything I should include or any constructive criticism you have is more than welcome.


Join my Facebook group where we get together and discuss everything related to this journey and others as well, and also ill be leaving some free goodies pinned in the first post as a welcome package for our new members.

Follow the rest of my journey in video on my YouTube channel The Ash Show if your not a fan of reading

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