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The first week of this journey ends today and I have to say I’m very happy with the results and with what I have achieved this week. I wasn’t expecting to make money the first week but I did get a couple of great recurring clients, increased my assets, improved on some existing ones, and most of the sales funnels are doing great, ok so blabbing too much ill get right into the nitty gritty!

What I did Week 1


Geek Labs Website Tune-up

  • Email Capture Popup and sections: I added a Popup to start collecting emails for when I start email marketing, I also added Subscribe section in the blog and article pages as a sticky on top.
  • Ads for the site: Created a new ad for the site which should convert better.
  • Ads landing page: Created Landing page so when people click on the ad, this way the offer is clearly explained.
  • Make payments through site possible and test it: Fixed WooCommerce issues and tested Paypal and Stripe payment methods and sure they were working.
  • Added Facebook Pixel: to the site so I can use it for facebook ads when I need to in the later phases.
  • Fix SSL: had an issue with the current certificate so added to my fashion store instead, will buy another one for the site next phase.

This wraps up fixes and change for the site for this phase, so far very pleased with the outcome, but will wait and see how the changes affect the performance and conversions and report back on it of course in next weeks articles.


Started YT 2 Channels

This wasn’t included in details for the last week but its a part of the journey and my workload so I’m definitely including it.

I have 2 channels set up

  • Shot and edited 1 YouTube Video for The Ash Show (0 Subscribers, brand new channel)
  • Shot and edited 1 YouTube Video for The Ash Show Arabic (6500 Subscribers, 2-year-old channel didn’t post for a year total of 5 vids posted)

The content and marketing strategy of these channels will be discussed at length later on as they are a very important part of this journey.

The quality of the vids isn’t where I want it to be right now, but it’s better to start and improve than to not start at all!

I noticed that my editing for my first video was ok I learned a lot from it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll pick lots more along the way. The main thing I need is to get better equipment, Camera, mic, and lighting equipment.

That being said I will be focusing on improving the quality directly in the next phase by buying the necessary equipment.


Freelancing Jobs Bidding

Most of these were done within the last 2 days so I wouldn’t call those the full results yet, as most clients take time to see all bids, go through proposals, interview people etc… Also, don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from some clients on freelancing platforms as the majority of them abandon the project for many reasons, like forgetting about it, or finding a suitable hire elsewhere, that being said let’s dive into the results:

  • Bid 18 Jobs on Upwork, 1 response so far, 0 Jobs
  • Bid on 17 Jobs On BHW, 7 responses so far, 2 Jobs
  • Bid on 8 Jobs on Freelancer, 0 responses so far, 0 Jobs

Jobs Done:

  • Wrote a Review for a client received 32$(£25) on the 24th from BHW
  • Got Marketing Client for 499$(£390)/month on the 25th from BHW
  • Got Marketing Client for 349$(£250)/month on the 26th from BHW

I’m very pleased with results so far, and I will be working this week on improving conversion rates for upwork as I still see potential, by testing with different clients, and like I said as time goes by I will be hearing from those bids, upwork has the option to show you when the client last looked at the bids and the majority of them had not yet, so if they hadn’t abandoned them, there is a still a chance BUT as I prefer quicker results, I’m going to target clients with lots of reviews as those are less likely to abandon the job since they are frequent users of the platform, will be reporting on that next week in detail.


Pre-made Shopify Websites

Finished 1 Shopify website,, a store in the beauty niche, you have a look at it here, I researched the products and customized a nice premium theme, and designed an FB page with all the assets for it as well. I then listed it on Exchange. I just finished it today so not much report on here, but will keep you updated next week on what happens.



  • Food (£57) – Got food for around 3 weeks so that should last me till the end of this phase. If you’re just starting out and strapped for cash, buy in bulk and cook your own food, you will save a ton of money this way! Plus cooking is relaxing and a very useful skill to have, if you can’t cook, there is lots of youtube videoes on recipes and how to’s. Its never been easier to start.
  • Utilities (£42) – Haircut and Electricity
  • Accounts and Tools for the new job (£182) – Got some Aged accounts, subscriptions, and few marketing tools


Week 2 Plan

Overall the plan for this week is still the same as the last, not dropping anything, and add the last 2 channels for this phase, so this should be very exciting, let’s see what’s in store for this week.


Sales Channels

  • Freelancer : I will continue bidding and I actually noticed that I can apply to recruiter jobs (high paying, less competition) if I got a £10 plan, I think this will greatly improve my odds, and I get 100 bids which renew really quickly so they are virtually limitless, so ill be investing in it this week, Plan is to do 10 bids/day .
  • Upwork: no changes here, still 10 bids/day
  • Blackhatworld: no changes again bid on all jobs
  • LinkedIn: This is a new channel I’ll be adding this week, the plan here is very simple as I explained in the last post. My aim to send 15 Inmail/day and add 30 niche relevant connections/day. I will start this off manually but ill be automating this quickly as I already know of a couple of bots that do this and will increase my numbers greatly. Full details in week article and video on The Ash Show.
  • Reddit: Another new Channel, as explained in the last article, I will be posting on 3 subreddits every 2 days, my template high converting sales for hire post (available on our FB group for free!)  and apply on jobs on those boards too. I also utilize a special technique to find clients that I will be explaining in detail on my video on the Ash Show, its very underutilized and converts like crazy I recommend you have a look. Post on freelance and for-hire related subreddits at least 3x a week.


Social Media Managment

Im starting to prepare my channels as they will be getting traffic very soon, so ill be creating content for them. What i like to do is to create all my content at the start of the week and scheduled and f something important comes up i can always add it if needed, but this frees up most of my week, helps create a theme through, and this way im sure im always consistent and don’t miss posting if something comes up.

You will also notice that im not doing anything for Geek Labs the reason for that is that i don’t feel social media content will get me the client i want, im already using social media to reach out to the clients i want, but social media content won’t be the way to go, just my 2 cents.

The Ash show

  • Facebook Group – 2 posts per day
  • Facebook Page – 1 post per day
  • Instagram – 3 posts per day
  • Twitter – 1 tweet per day

Fashion Store

  • Facebook Page – 1 post per day
  • Instagram – 3 posts per day
  • Pinterest – 1 pin per day

I will go into detail on how and why i choose the posting frequency, platforms, and how i write content in another dedicated article and on my Youtube Channel


Started Affiliate Marketing

This is a 2 part-er, but pretty straightforward

  1. Find affiliates to join my program, and promote my products for Geek Labs, but to do that i need to
    1. Redesign my current program, and making it more enticing visually
    2. Market the program by joining networks, and sharing on FB groups
  2. Add affiliate links to articles and site, as a way to monetize the site and get extra cash, so i need to find relevant and high paying affiliate programs and then add to the site



Another section i neglected this to mention but it a very important one, i need to start promoting the content I’m creating, to get more people to engage organically,  so for that this week ill be utilizing these

  • Start a Journey Thread on BHW i will be adding links to this journey & my services to my signature, that with me posting, in general, will help spread them.
  • Add Journey to Reddit
  • Post 5 quality posts on Blackhatworld to build up my account and rep
  • Post 5 quality posts on Reddit to build up my account and karma


Shopify Premade Store, this is the domain for this week, it will probably a tech store, but we’ll see


The Ash Show Channels

I’ll be finishing 2 Videos for The Ash Show Arabic and 2 Videos for The Ash Show.


Where the journey is at now

So last week ended with £68.41, Revenue this week was £666 and Expenses were £280.

I have made as of now £680.05 of my £1000 profit goal for Phase 1.

Time remaining for this Phase, 20 days out of  28 days (15th of November 2018)

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, my plan in full for this week and the results of week 1, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have, leave a comment with any question you have or you think there is anything I should include or any constructive criticism you have is more than welcome.


Join my Facebook group where we get together and discuss everything related to this journey and others as well, and also ill be leaving some free goodies pinned in the first post as a welcome package for our new members.

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