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Alright so here we go, plan all laid out, so this is officially the first post of the journey and first post of Phase 1. so with without fluff and long talk lets get straight to the juicy bits!

So as I have mentioned earlier the first phase is about making about Cash ASAP, to be exact £3600 by 15th of November 2018 which is by no means an easy task especially that I only have £100 to start with. But I’m super excited and motivated and I did more with less so lets how ill spend this money and my approach for the first week which if it goes well will be what ill be doing day in, day out for the rest of this phase. Its also noteworthy to mention that if doesn’t work out its not a big deal ill pivot and adjust accordingly, which need to be your mentality, give every method its fair shot and time, cutting it too soon and its the same as you not even attempting it, but never be afraid to cut a method that just not working for you even if everyone else is killing it with it, sometimes a certain method is just not for you, happens all the time.

So the first part of this article


How I Will Spend the £100, what I am doing and when during this Phase

For this let’s have a look at what I need to have in phase 1


My Business Expenses


  • Building up my base (Recurring £31.59/Month)
    1. Geek Labs Website (£31.59/Month): Starting this week ill be optimizing and fixing up the site as best as I can, and progressively add more to it to improve user experience. I’ll be hosting it on a £27.6 VPS hosted on Bluehost. I also got an email account @ my domain from Zoho for £3.99/month. I’ll be starting this week so read below for more info on how I do it.
    2. Fashion Store Niche Website (£0): All I be doing is building and optimizing the store as much as I can, I already have a one-year hosting plan, that ends on the 28th of Jan. I will start this on week 2.


  • Sales Channels (£0)

    1. Upwork.com (£0): This is what ill be relying on heavily this week, and I will be using a strategy that i will be discussing it in detail below as i will be starting this week on it. i will be using a Basic Agency plan. I’ll be starting this week so read below for more info on how i do it.
    2. Freelancer.com (£0): Freelancer is the world biggest freelancing marketplace, you get a free account with 8 Bids or a Plus account with a 100 bids for £5.95. This a backup sales channel so i won’t be pulling the trigger on it yet. If i need it i will go for the Plus account, if not then i will be utilizing it in phase 2. I’ll be starting this week so read below for more info on how i do it.
    3. Reddit Marketing (£0): Pretty straightforward this one is, i will be creating threads on several sub-Reddit’s advertising my services, for that, i won’t be needing anything but an account, which is free. I’ll be starting this week so read below for more info on how i do it.
    4. LinkedIn Marketing (£0): What i plan to do here is to send msgs to my connections with my services, and get more quality connections, i already know of a bot that does that but i wont be buying it now, that will be for phases 2 when i start automating stuff, and i have a template for this which i will add to the Facebook Group as well as bonus template i use to get people to endorse you add to get more people to endorse your skills so make sure your on there! I’ll be starting this week 2
    5. Blackhatworld Marketing (£0): I will be bidding on jobs from the Hire A freelancer Section, for that, you need a Jr VIP account which costs $97/year and you have been a member of the forum for at least 60 days and have made at least 100 posts. i already have an account which expires 31st of January 2019 so i wont be paying for this now. I will be starting this week so read below for more info on how i do it.


  • Creating 10 Designs for The Fashion Store (£0): I will be creating the Designs myself, but for that i do need to do sub-niche research to make sure i’m creating designs that people will actually buy and for that ill be using a couple of tools I’ll be going into this into detail, how i do the designs, the research i do beforehand and pretty much everything i do in Week 3 when i start working on it.


  • Prepping Sales Channels for the Next Phase (£0): I will just be creating accounts and completing profiles, any tools that need to purchase will be done in Phases 2, the reason for this is that is if i don’t need it during this phase, i won’t waste any money on it now,. I’m bootstrapping this phase so every penny counts! You can find the full list in my Update #0 Article, and i will be working on this and writing detailed info on everything and why picked them, how i prep them for maximum results and loads more in Week 4.

And these will pretty much my business expenses for this phase, which will leave me with £68.41


My Personal Expenses



Like i mentioned earlier i will be including my personal expenses in this Journey as well, to keep this journey authentic and doable for anyone, who is on a small budget and has normal living expenses as well, so my expenses are as follows:

Rent: £370, The 15th of every month

Utilities: £50, Distributed throughout the month

Food: £300, Distributed throughout the month

Gym & Personal Subscriptions(Netflix etc…): £100, The first of Every Month

and that’s pretty much I’m tightening up everything and keeping my expenses as lean as possible this is £820/month. i already have my main expenses paid up for this month, so i will be using the rest of my budget for food mainly.

And also as i mentioned in the Update #0 article is that i have a one-time payment of £2600 this month only that will make my life a lot easier for me a lot easier, it’s a personal situation so i won’t get into it really.

So in all in all, i should end with £1000 in my bank account by the end of this phase, from here on out i don’t really have any unpaid business or personal expense, so it pure profit from here on out unless something comes up


Week 1 Work Plan





This is where i expect most of the cash will come from, Upwork is a fantastic site for so many reasons, they have an amazing escrow system so you will always be sure you get your money as the client has to deposit the amount before starting work. The quality of jobs is much higher than other freelancing marketplaces which important as i dot compromise on my quote no matter what.

Always remember i even if you’re starting out and your thinking to yourself ill start with lower prices to get them in the door, or just to get some cash, low quotes get you cheap clients which gets nothing trouble. And because they are bad as people its just either they don’t have the proper budget for a job, which means they are struggling and they will put that pressure on you and demand way too much. Or they are just starting out and can’t afford someone better and again they will transfer that anxiety and pressure on to you.

Now im not saying all of them are like that, but in my experience 90% are, and its just not worth the hassle especially if this a part-time job or your starting it will give you a very bad first experience of what should a huge and awesome moment for you.

That being said i will my strategy will be as follows:

  1. Bid on a minimum of 10 jobs per day, reason its a bit low is that i go for quality clients rather quantity and although i have template that i use which you can find on our Facebook Group i heavily customized it to match the client’s job, you can see that in action in the video version of this update on my YouTube channel The Ash Show
  2. I will be tar getting mainly jobs that require UK only freelancers, they tend to be better paying and i have the advantage of being in the UK so the competition will be lower and with my template, i tend to well, check the Facebook Group for that.

The account i have has 0 reviews as of yet and earned £0.





Blackhatworld is one my favorite places online, i have learned so much on there, made so amazing connections and made a good chunk of cash while doing do that too!

For this part, i will be utilizing the Hire a freelancer section.

Pretty much ill be bidding on jobs that meet my criteria with my quotes and profile.

The problem here is that 70% of the people on BHW are looking for cheap service so i luck out of those, but the good thing is that i have an old account and good reputation on there, which makes it easy to land to heavy clients when i can find them.

The plan here is to daily bid on all relevant jobs since there is so much of them that i have to limit my self to a certain amount per day, but just enough that there are fresh jobs enough to fill up the first 2 pages of the sub-forum daily.

I will also log my Journey on there with weekly updates to gain more authority and give back to that amazing community.





My account on freelance has two 5 Star reviews as a freelancer and six 5 star reviews as an employer, which i don’t need know this will be useful for the next phase. I occasionally get Job invites through recruiters which tend to be high jobs in the UK.

I mentioned earlier that this a backup sales channel and the reasoning for that is Freelancer is filled with millions of freelancers bidding within seconds on jobs, try it for yourselves create a job as an employer you will have 30 bids in a few seconds, with a copy-pasted template that usually has nothing to do with the job. And as a result, small accounts bids get buried under all those bids. Another thing is that the jobs there are mostly low paying jobs, and don’t match my quote.

That being said i will use the 8 bids i have on the free account and handpick a few jobs and see how it goes, this week.


Geek Labs Website tune-up



I have already tuned up loads of stuff before releasing this article here, but i still like to optimize the site constantly until it becomes a fine-tuned money making machine not just an agency site.

  1. I already have an SSL certificate but when i moved the site to the new VPS, its not showing up anymore, so i need to get this sorted out
  2.  I also need to create a landing page for services that i offer on Geek Labs so when people click on ads they land there
  3. Speaking of ads i need to add and design more ads throughout the website

This will be it for this week, more work and fixes next week!


Pre-made Sites for Sale



This wasn’t in the original plan outlined in Update #0 but i think i will be having extra time on my hand and this a good way to make money. I got the idea when i was going through what assets i have for this journey and found out these domains not being used

  • oneandonlyprostaging.com
  • armyof.fit
  • lairofheroes.com
  • ashtechhub.com
  • ruggedtraveller.com
  • aphroditexx.com
  • epsilonlondon.co.uk

So what ill be doing using these domains and built niche websites around them using Shopify, have ready for marketing right away and will include with maybe even a marketing plan or 1-month coaching, and sell them.

I’ll be creating high-quality sites with premium templates and plugin and optimized customer experience for sales, so i will be pricing them at £499 of that i will be pocketing the whole thing minus the commission and transfer fees. i will be using these marketplaces to sell the sites:

  1. Flippa – 9$ Listing, 10% commission
  2. Blackhatworld – 30$ listing, 0% commission
  3. Exchange by Shopify – 0$ listing, 10% commission

So the plan here is to finish 1 website/week and list it on a site as a minimum, more if i can offcourse.

First store ill will work on, is aphroditexx.com, drop in next week to see how it turns out!

I will start Exchange by Shopify because the clients there usually go more the starter sites with good designs at this price point. Followed by Blackhatworld and lastly Flippa.


Where the journey is at now

So what i have remained as of now, the start of week 1 is £68.41 out of the original £100

I have made as of now £0 (obviously i just started!) of my £3600 goal for Phase 1.

Time remaining for this Phase, 28 days out of  28 days (15th of November 2018)

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, my plan in full for this phase and week 1, i hope you enjoyed it, leave a comment with any question you have or you think there is anything i should include or any constructive criticism you have is more than welcome.


Join my Facebook group where we get together and discuss everything related to this journey and others as well, and also ill be leaving some free goodies pinned in the first post as a welcome package for our new members.

Follow the rest of my journey in video on my YouTube channel The Ash Show if your not a fan of reading

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