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We strive to be the best and make awesome work.

About us

We Are Awesome

We do not say. The term gets thrown alot these days but we back it up by amazing client relationships and by betting on ourselves, Yes! we don’t only create awesome websites for our clients but we do have our brands where do what we preach!

What we do

The Short Story

Through humble beginnings in 2014 in a small studio apartment CEO & Founder M. Ashraf banked it all on one 1 client and started Geek Labs. Soon we managed to turn his success into ours and fast forward 3 years later with over 100+ Clients since then, a culturally diversified team, our story is a common but very successful one

Awesome Projects

Up until April 2018 we have proudly worked on and finished exactly 213 projects

Fast Support

One of the main reasons for our Global presence is that we understand that our international clients have different working hours, and are prepared to get back to you in split second!

Published Articles

We love to geek out and over 127 published articles prove that!

Best Business Partner Period

“Partnering with Geek Labs has helped Croesus streamline and blast through projects, freeing us up for what we do best.”

William Tickle Croesus Digital Marketing, Co-founder

Very Professional

“The approach GL took with the whole project was very professional and surprising for a company of their size. Very happy with the experience.”

Paul Graham NASA's DTN Senior Project Manager

Honest & Reliable

“Dealing with Ash was a pleasant experience . A truly honest and reliable gentleman. Would recommend!”

Maya Amadeau FAS, Regional Sales Director