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For the past 2 years, i have been planning a journey to see if i can take £100 as my start-up capital and using everything i have learned in the past 7 years and turn in it into £200,000. Now i know this has been done before and maybe with much higher amounts in a shorter time, but to be completely honest with you this more of a thing to keep myself accountable than it is anything else.

If i was going to start off my journey with a bit about myself it would definitely be this, i’m the best person to come up with ideas, understand how things work, and apply them too, the complete package right! Well, almost i have always had trouble with sticking to one particular thing and more importantly sticking through to the end. And it’s not procrastination either, no as soon as i see it work, make money, i lose all interest. I mean where is the fun of doing the same thing over and over again, am i right?!

You see the problem with this statement is this is a successful business/entrepreneur’s kryptonite. If i have learned anything, to make millions, not billions or build the next Facebook, mind you but millions just enough to be financially independent and live comfortably, you don’t need the best idea, luck or an amazing team with loads of startup capital. No. All you need is consistency. The same thing day in and day out again and again. Over and Over again. This is the recipe to be rich, that’s it. This is what the gurus don’t tell you.



You see people doing millions with their Shopify Stores, Amazon FBA stores, or even trading, doing 4 hours of work a week, and yes that maybe true. I mean they show you actual earnings proof with timestamps and the works, but what no seems to tell you before they sell you their courses is that it takes months and years of very boring repetitive work, gaining experience, building a base, getting a feel for the business before you can figure out how to scale ads, find clients in 2 mins, find winning products to dropship etc…  and it definitely doesn’t happen with a few bucks. Testing alone could go in the £1000s.

That being said, let’s get back to the journey, so I decided to be completely honest with myself, because believe or not the most person you will ever lie to is yourself. We do it all the time looking in the mirrors, convincing ourselves this new pant makes me look slimmer or promising yourself you will start finally doing your side hustle in the beginning of the month, cause you know, 1st of the month is somehow better than 12th!! So that got me to the conclusion that one of my strengths is that i work fantastically under pressure hence this journey, to keep me the pressure on all the time and keep me accountable! I have also decided to apply the same aspect to my life and i will be making videos about this journey and others as well on my YouTube channel The Ash Show


So enough talk and let’s get this show on the road!

First let’s outline some rules and guidelines that will be following throughout this journey:

  1. The end goal is to have £200,000 in my bank account cash not just revenue, picture proof will be posted weekly.
  2. To make this realistic and doable for everyone else, expenses will include personal expenses, like my food, rent etc ….. to show you this doable no matter what situation you are in
  3. The last date for this Journey will be 1st of March 2019, that’s 136 days from the start of this Journey the 15th of October 2018
  4. I will start with £100, no less no more

OK so now that we have the guidelines in place, here is my full plan, which i divided by phases. Now the reasoning for this is that growing a business or making money is never linear if you want to make £200,000 you can’t just divide that by the number of days and this the amount you will need to make daily or monthly to get to your goal. It never works out this way in real life. You make some money invest it back and grow. Never forget the only thing that makes money is more money!!


Phase 1 – Creating A Base/Bootstrapping (Ends 15/11/2018)

This a very important phase as this where most people get stuck, frustrated and end up quitting altogether. Simply this phase will be utilized for 2 main purposes. Making as much money as possible as quickly as i can, to use it as a launching pad for the next phase, our proper startup capital if you will. The other part is to prepare current assets that i have for the next phase and build a solid base and processes that will help me to automate and outsource whatever i need to when its time for it.


Money Making Part:

For the Money making phase, my goal is to get to £1000 by 15th of Novemeber 2018.

Now expenses for this month for me will total £2600 in other words i need to earn £3600 in the next coming days. This is a one-time occurrence that my expenses are that high during a month, but i have some stuff i need to clear and/or buy of the personal nature so i won’t go into much detail into this. In this phase, i will be focusing mainly on 2 Sales Channels and 3 other as backups in case the main ones don’t earn as much as i expect or i find i have more time during my day.

Main Resources

  1. world largest freelancing marketplace
  2. world largest internet forum, with “Hire a Freelancer” section

Backup Resources

  1. 2nd largest freelancing marketplace
  2. Reddit: For-hire subreddit mainly, among others where I’ll be posting ads for hire
  3. LinkedIn marketing: I’ll be reaching out to local business owners with services that i provide via DM

The name of the game here is to get as much cash as possible ASAP, so ill be bidding on my sites as much possible for Website Creation, Instagram Growth, FB Ads Management Jobs. Why those you ask? Quick jobs with a decent payout.



Base Building Part:

This part is more basic ill be mainly focusing on 3 businesses throughout this journey, Geek Labs which is this site and my Digital Engagement Agency, My Fashion store which shall remain nameless for now to protect my niches and products , and The Ash Show (Arabic and English Channels) which are my YouTube channels documenting my various journeys in business, MMA, Strongman, and social commentary.

Since ill be focusing solely during this phase on making money, i just setup my sites and update them, and make them lean and crisp, and add all the bells and whistles that i know of.

I’ll also be setting up all the sales channels by registering and/or buying whatever i need from the list below and setting them up so that they are ready to be used right away in the next phases

Sales Channels for Geek Labs:

  1. SEO
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Whitehat Labeling with other Agencies
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Google Ads
  6. Display Ads on Blackhatworld and other niche related forums, sites and
  7. Purchasing Pinned posts on Facebook groups
  8. Blackhatworld Marketplace Thread
  9. Adding 2 More Freelancing Sites Peopleperhour and Fiverr
  10. Telesales
  11. Email Marketing

Sales Channels for Fashion Store:

  1. Merch by Amazon
  2. Etsy
  3. Redbubble
  4. eBay
  5. Zazzle
  6. Cafepress
  7. Instagram Influencers
  8. YouTube Influencers
  9. Purchases Pinterest Board Pins
  10. SEO
  11. Facebook Ads
  12. Google Ads
  13. Email Marketing

I’ll be using mostly Print on Demand for my fashion store, and for that i need designs and so during this phase, i would like to have finished 10 designs which ill be doing myself during this phase.


Phase 2 –  Expanding using all Sales Channels and Methods (Ends 30/12/2018)

So by this stage, i should have £1000 in cash, figured out which of the 5 sales channels are working best for me and which are not, and have all my other sales channels prepared and ready to go.

This stage will mostly be figuring what works out best for me and what doesn’t, ill be following simple but strict criteria:

  1. The 2 month period is to make sure every method/channel was given a fair shot, that being said some methods will require more than 2 months to see results like SEO and those will stay in the game till results are clear
  2. This first and foremost is a testing and elimination phase, a method/channel will be eliminated if i am not seeing ROI or if I’m seeing little ROI in terms of cash in comparison to the time spent on it
  3. The exact process i use for each method will be documented in detail, this information will be used to automate what can be automated and the rest will be outsourced. Those details will be used to train the people who the work will be outsourced to



The automation and outsourcing part will be done very carefully as this part if not done correctly will cause the journey to collapse onto itself. For that ill be using some hiring techniques i acquired over the years, finding scripts, bots, and building custom ones in case i can’t find what i need. I will get into much more detail when we get there, and everything will be shared with you all!

By the end of this stage, the target is £30,000 in cash in my account


Phase 3 – Scaling (Ends 01/03/2018)

This is the final phase of this journey, armed with £30,000 cash and having eliminated most of the channels that don’t work for me, and outsourced or automated everything. It’s time to blast those channels into high gear, going 100% in on whatever remains.

Automation and bots will always be prioritized to outsourcing where ever possible, as they can work more and there is no chance of human error.

Scaling is usually is the hardest part of any business although the majority of people get stuck starting it. What most people don’t realize is that scaling is more of an art than science, and we have seen startups with multi-million dollar funding disappear into thin air when this stage is rushed, or not done with an extremely solid foundation and with a highly experienced and capable team behind it.

I won’t be going into much detail here as this point it would be very premature and would largely be shaped by what happens in phase 2.

By the end of this phase, i would have reached my goal of £200,000 and i would wrap up this journey as a successful one!



And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, my plan in full, i hope you enjoyed it, leave a comment with any question you have or you think there is anything i should include or any constructive criticism you have is more than welcome.

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Follow the rest of my journey in video on my YouTube channel The Ash Show if you’re not a fan of reading




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